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Seoul Dance Center 

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Art Space where You can Breathe Dance

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Seoul Dance Center CenterFacebook 네이버카페

Location : 14, Myeongji 2 Gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Opening date : May 11, 2011

Facilities :

- Building : B1F - G2F
- Area : 1,580㎡
- Gross Area : 2,044㎡
- Dance Rehearsal Room 1 ~ 4, Studio Black, Studio White, Studio Plan, Community Room, Artist’s Room 1 ~ 6, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Shower Room, Outdoor Yard.

For more information, call : +82-2-304-9100

Open space intensively supporting creative activities of dance art and being together with talent and potential of dance artists_Seoul Dance Center

Diverse kinds of dance studios (black box, white cube, community room, individual room), multiple studios, six hostel type rooms, cafe for residents, cafe for artists, Creative workroom named What a Performance, multimedia editing room, shower room, kitchen, etc.

Seoul Dance Center is born through remodelling of Hongeun Art Creative Center to play a role of a hub of dance art by supporting creative works of domestic and overseas dance artists, using networking among them and spaces, and incubating prospect choreographers.

Supporting multi-layered creative activities for dance artists

  • Providing hardware for dance artists to create their works and experiment by taking advantage of practice rooms and space for showcases which are expanded through space redesign
  • Contributing to supporting artists to be self-reliant and strengthen their capabilities by providing grants for selecting prospect artists and mentoring programs, supporting creation and production of works, and doing follow-up management

Operating citizen participation programs and creating citizen-friendly communities

  • Giving the chance for citizens to meet artists and playing a role of the tool for social communication by enabling citizens to participate in art education programs run by professional art teachers
  • Operating programs and providing spaces for revitalizing citizens’ voluntary art creation communities


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