Seoul Art Space International Symposium

The Seoul Art Space International Symposium has been held every year since 2009 as a stage of in-depth analysis and debate among experts at home and abroad regarding selected timely topics of arts and culture. The symposium has played a role in shaping a meaningful discourse among artists by taking the lead in tackling key issues in the arts sector.

  • 2009 <Present and Future at Creative Space>
  • 2010 <Role of Arts in Public Space: Challenges in Regional Regeneration and Community Art>
  • 2011 <Experiment of Arts: Arts, Business & Industrial Complex>
  • 2012 <Myth or Reality: Artists, Policymakers & Community>
  • 2013 <Expansion of System, Creative Motive: Issues in Public Support for Artists>
  • 2014 <Working Artists, Aspects of Arts and Labour>
  • 2015 <Gentrification, Artists & Urban Regeneration>
  • 2016 <The Artist’s Studio at the Core of Creativity>
    (Poster images and other photos of the latest version of the Symposium)

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