Namsan Arts Center International Collaboration

Public producing theater Namsan Arts Center produces a seasona of premiere contemporary plays. In cooperation with private theater companies, Namsan Arts Center is committed to bringing contemporary plays to life through co-production that respects and supports the independence of artists and tours and revivals of excellent repertoire at home and abroad.
Another initiative of the theater is co-production projects with the world’s famous performance venues and festivals. Experimenting on stage in terms of trends of contemporary arts and coproducing performances tackling shared issues in the era, Namsan Arts Center seeks to offer an opportunity for each work to develop in the course of breathing together with the age and meeting audiences around the globe.

Plays for our co-production projects are selected through internal meetings and digging. Suggestions are welcome from overseas performance venues, festivals and artists who wish to find a new stage via a strong cooperation with Namsan Arts Center.

Contact / nsac@sfac.or.kr

[태풍기담 A Typhoon’s Tale]

Co-produced by Namsan Arts Center, Ansan Culture and Arts Center, Fujimi City Citizens Culture Center Kirari☆Fujimi

[모든 군인은 불쌍하다 All the Soldiers Are Pathetic]

Co-produced by Namsan Arts Center & Theater Company Golmokgil Festival/Tokyo entry

[변칙 판타지 Anomalous Fantasy]

Co-produced by Namsan Arts Center and Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2016 and PARC – Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication (supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in the fiscal 2015)

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