• 08.      Ranked No. 1 for three consecutive years in the citizen satisfaction survey for the government-funded institutions conducted by Seoul Metropolitan City
  • 03. 21Selected as the best company to work for in the category of public enterprises & non-profit organizations (jointly announced by joongAng Daily & Job Planet.)


  • 09. 01Inaugurated the 6th Representative Director (Chulhwan Joo)
  • 08. 07Opened West-Seoul Arts in Education Center.


  • 03. 26Appointed the 5th CEO (Sunny Jo)
  • 05. 27Appointed the 5th Chief Director (Kim Gwanglim)
  • 09. 15Selected as Best State-funded Institution of Seoul Citizen Satisfaction Survey 2015


  • 02. 17Won Excellence in Effort of Seoul Anti-Corruption Policy Evaluation 2013
  • 10. 16Awarded Encouragement Prize of Seoul Anti-Corruption and Integrity Best Practice 2014
  • 11. 02Awarded Encouragement Prize of Seoul Creativity Award Innovative Policy 2014 H2
  • 11. 27Certified as Best Professional Cultural Corporation 2014 by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
    and Korea Arts Management Service


  • 01. 27Appointed the 4th board of directors
  • 06. 28Held a panel discussion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the foundation
  • 08. 01The Seoul Metropolitan Government Ordinance on the Establishment and Operation of Seoul Foundation for Arts
    and Culture was amended
  • 09. 05Selected as Best State-funded Institution of Seoul Citizen Satisfaction Survey (ranking 1st for the 2nd consecutive year)
  • 12. 24Won Medal of Employment and Labor Minister in recognition of support for job creation


  • 01. 05Revised several clauses in The Setup and Operation of the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Act
  • 03. 26Appointed the fourth chief director (Kim Jeongheon)
  • 03. 26Appointed the fourth CEO (Sunny Jo)
  • 06. 13Ranked 1st out of 16 widerange support centers in the Seoul Culture and Arts Education Support Center Contest
    by the Korea Arts and Culture Education Service
  • 08. 21Ranked 1st out of 16 state-funded institutions in The Seoul Customer Satisfaction Survey


  • 05. 11Opened Seoul Art Space Hongeun
  • 07. 28Belonged to the very best institution group in the Seoul Management Outcomes Evaluation
  • 08. 12Held Seoul International Symposium for Arts in Education and Creativity (SISAC)
  • 12. 15Published Variations on a Blue Guitar; The Lincoln Center Institute Lectures On Aesthetic Education.


  • 01. 27Appointed the third chief director (Park Bum-shin) and the third board of directors
  • 02. 01Appointed the third CEO (Ahn Hosang)
  • 02. 28Was rewarded as an excellent institution in a Seoul integrity measure
  • 04. 09Won the grand prize in the Korea Management Innovation Awards
  • 07. 28Opened Seoul Art Space Seongbuk
  • 11. 10Was selected as an excellent improvement institution in the Seoul Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • 12. 17Opened Gwanak Children’s Creative Playground


  • 05. 28Changed the name of the act into The Setup and Operation of the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Act
  • 06. 08Opened Namsan Arts Center
  • 06. 19Opened Seoul Art Space Seogyo
  • 10. 07Opened Seoul Art Space Geumcheon Residency
  • 10. 16Opened Sindang Creative Arcade
  • 11. 05Opened Seoul Art Space Yeonhui


  • 02. 05Published A Series of Seoul Culture and Arts
  • 03. 10Published Historic Walks in English


  • 01. 01Appointed the second chief director (Park Bum-shin) and the second board of directors
  • 02. 01Appointed the second CEO (Ahn Hosang)
  • 10. 10Opened Namsan Creative Center
  • 11. 10Opened Seoul Performing Center


  • 08.Held the culture and arts festival in commemoration of Cheonggyecheon’s restoration
  • 10.Held SINSFO (Seoul International Networking Seminar for Festival Organizers)


  • 11. 05Published a job manual for the arts
  • 12. 29Moved its headquarters (Yejang-dong, Jung-gu to Yongdu-dong, Dongdaemun-gu)