SICO Recruitment Result

2017.06.14 18:46



63 community musicians from 29 countries were chosen
as Seoul International Community Orchestra (SICO)’s founding members!

Thank you very much for your participation in SICO (Seoul International Community Orchestra).
205 were applied from 39 countries, and finally, 63 community musicians from 29 countries were chosen as SICO’s founding members.
Congratulations to the successful candidates, and we will be more than happy to hear from you again for those who are unable to join us this year.
SICOF promises to meet all of you every year to promote the value of community arts in the world.
Once again, thank you very much.

Comment by Jury Members

Congratulations on opening a new horizon in the field of ‘community arts’ to gauge a nation’s cultural and artistic scale. Thanks to the elaborate preparation by SICOF committee, a smooth review was carried out. The five judges were particularly notable for applicants’ artistic ability, as well as for the purpose of the ‘Community Orchestra.’ Also, we have tried that the participants with various nationalities can participate in SICO.
The recommendations based on the aspect of the artistic ability by Antoine MARGUIER, the first permanent conductor, and the artistic director of SICO, and the conclusion of juries were highly harmonized. That made us confident that SICO will be the orchestra with artistic high level.
We hope this project that meets the needs of the times and positive values to achieve more than expected.

Jury President

Seoul International Community Orchestra (SICO) Founding Members

* Alphabetic order by applicant’s instrument and name.
* The seating position of SICO members will be decided at the first rehearsal of the SICO.

1 Violin Alejandro PADRO-FUENTES Puerto Rico
2 Violin Alice FANG USA
3 Violin Chan Shaw Nan China
4 Violin Elisa Ramirez LANDER Venezuela
5 Violin Eui-seong JEONG 정의성 Republic of Korea
6 Violin Gene HUANG USA
7 Violin Gisela ZIENTEK Germany
8 Violin Hee-kyung MUN 문희경 Republic of Korea
9 Violin Heo ICK 허익 Republic of Korea
10 Violin Jae-yoo KIM 김재유 Republic of Korea
11 Violin Jean-Christophe SELMI France
12 Violin Jeong-am LEE 이정암 Republic of Korea
13 Violin Jeong-wook PARK 박정욱 Republic of Korea
14 Violin Jessica Ester Oscar NHANTUMBO Mozambique
15 Violin Leo WONG Australia
16 Violin Letitia Yu-Ching Jap USA
17 Violin Mabel Serrano MIRABAL Argentina
18 Violin Paul Chege NJENGA Kenya
19 Violin Phoebe SHRESTHA Nepal
20 Violin Rodolfo REYES Venezuela
21 Violin Simon CHAPPELL UK
22 Violin Stephanie ATLAN France
23 Viola In-seong HWANG 황인성 Republic of Korea
24 Viola Jiyeon Sophia LEE 이지연 Republic of Korea
25 Viola Kleyd Rogério ALFAINHO Mozambique
26 Viola Ma Wan Chi China
27 Viola Min-ji HA 하민지 Republic of Korea
28 Viola Muhan YEO 여무한 Republic of Korea
29 Viola Mukhammadyor TULAGANOV Uzbekistan
30 Viola Tommaso NAPOLI Italy
31 Cello Alfian Emir ADYTIA Indonesia
32 Cello Evita Helena VAN DAM The Netherlands
33 Cello Han-wul LEE 이한울 Republic of Korea
34 Cello Jae-wook RYU 유재욱 Republic of Korea
35 Cello Kirke GROSS Estonia
36 Cello Lorraine BUZEA France
37 Cello Renata DEMENY Romania
38 Cello Tan Xiao En (Clara) Singapore
39 Cello Tracell Kelsey FREDERICK Trinidad and Tobago
40 Double Bass Cole William MORRISON CANADA
41 Double Bass Giho CHO 조기호 Republic of Korea
42 Double Bass Luis PRIMERA Venezuela
43 Double bass Nicholas ADAMS USA
44 Double Bass Young-ho BAE 배영호 Republic of Korea
45 Flute Jin-youn KIM 김진연 Republic of Korea
46 Flute Travis JONES USA
47 Oboe Alexander Lui-Kwan WONG Hong Kong
48 Oboe Irlanda Isela Malpica ESPINOZA Mexico
49 Clarinet Dorian MILINKOVIĆ Croatia
50 Clarinet Paul James MOFFATT UK
51 Bassoon Diego Patricio Llanos CAMPOS Chile
52 Bassoon Jae-hyung LEE 이재형 Republic of Korea
53 French Horn Catherine VERDIN UK
54 French Horn Juan Manuel Quinteros ESTRADA Perú
55 French Horn Kaylet TORREZ Venezuela
56 French Horn Luis Ignacio Barbé ESPINOSA Uruguay
57 Trumpet Sang-hoon OH 오상훈 Republic of Korea
58 Trumpet Ujjawal MADAN CANADA
59 Trombone Simon ROBILLIARD UK
60 Trombone Zhao Ming Liu Australia
61 Tuba Akshat JAIN India
62 Timpani/ Percussion Brian Onyango KEPHER Kenya
63 Timpani/ Percussion Collin BOLTZ USA

SICO Participants video link https://goo.gl/WFexXW