Mission / Vision

  • to design a
    of arts

    Strengthening the support system which provides space for creative activities for artists.

    Establishing a system that supports artists to begin and continue their creative activities.

    Supporting youth arts and arts projects for social change.

  • to bring
    culture closer to
    our daily lives

    Initiating cultural projects in ordinary spaces like the subway.

    Establishing measures to vitalize community arts activities and disseminate arts education.

    Providing information on culture and spreading cultural values through various media channels.

  • to establish a
    platform of

    Establishing a system to implement local policies on culture with autonomous districts.

    Strengthening cultural partnerships with businesses and other public sectors.

    Promoting domestic and international cultural policy exchanges.

  • to build
    more trust

    Creating a cooperation network to work with professionals in different disciplines.

    Building staff capacity so that they become experts who work to their fullest potential.

    Developing a cultural management system to fulfill cultural values.

Action plan

  • Put in place an arts support system in consideration of career stage
  • Boost a Seoul culture ecosystem via efficient operation of creative space
  • Make a rational improvement of the arts support system
  • Develop culture and arts in education and arts and healing models customized to Seoul
  • Systemize lifecycle stage-specific culture and arts in education support
  • Spread recovery and sympathy culture via participation in arts
  • Nurture civic culture in daily lives
  • Make Seoul more attractive with its unique contents
  • Increase opportunities for people in all walks of life to take part in culture.