Seoul Dance Center


Art Space where You can Breathe Dance

Open space intensively supporting creative activities of dance art and being together with talent and potential of dance artists_Seoul Dance Center

Diverse kinds of dance studios (Studio Black, Studio White, individual room), multiple studios, six hostel rooms, cafe for residents, cafe for artists, community room, multimedia editing room, shower room, kitchen, etc.

Seoul Dance Center is born through remodelling of Hongeun Art Creative Center to play a role of a hub of dance art by supporting creative works of domestic and overseas dance artists, using networking among them and spaces, and incubating prospect choreographers.

Supporting multi-layered creative activities for dance artists

  • Providing hardware for dance artists to create their works and experiment by taking advantage of practice rooms and space for showcases which are expanded through space redesign
  • Contributing to supporting artists to be self-reliant and strengthen their capabilities by providing grants for selecting prospect artists and mentoring programs, supporting creation and production of works, and doing follow-up management

Operating citizen participation programs and creating citizen-friendly communities

  • Giving the chance for citizens to meet artists and playing a role of the tool for social communication by enabling citizens to participate in art education programs run by professional art teachers
  • Operating programs and providing spaces for revitalizing citizens’ voluntary art creation communities

Major business

Arts Support Program / First Support, Promising Artist Support (dot), Artwork Support, Performance Venue Organization Fostering, Long-term Support

– The SFAC supports creative arts. Its objectives include systematic arts support in consideration of career stages, rational improvement of arts support system, and activation of the Seoul cultural ecosystem via innovation of Art Space in order to create a sustainable ecosystem of arts and ultimately promote creative diversity.

Open Call for International Artists in Residence Program

– The program is designed to provide domestic and foreign artists seeking career in Korea with opportunities of showcasing and networking, as a starting point of their career in Korea.

Space RED (Research and Exchange for Dance)

– Space RED is a space-based global exchange program led by the movement research of the Seoul Dance Center. The Center is expected to serve as a global choreography center that supports the movement research by dancers and artists from other disciplines through artists exchanges with organizations in other countries, international workshops and archiving projects.

Artist Workshop

– The Workshop seeks to activate creative arts of dance by building dancing capacity and find ways of sharing among artists of various disciplines.

Webzine (Choom:in)

– Webzine (Choom:in) seeks to create values as a guide of dance discipline, provide quality information, find channels of promoting and distributing selected dance performances, and expand the archiving function. It also functions as a communication channel in the discipline by planning and distributing contents for artists and audiences in other disciplines beyond dance.


Classification Description
Studio Black Exclusively for showcase for incubating. This black box shape studio has a stage curtain that allows a blackout. Lighting/sound system, dance floor, and folding seats for the audience are available.
Studio White White cube shape space for diverse experiments. Available for rehearsals and presentations.
Dance Rehearsal Room 3 Space for creation and rehearsal of dancers. Equipped with dance floor, grand piano, etc.
Dance Rehearsal Room 4 Designed for personal rehearsals of individual dancers. Short and simple practice and showcases are possible with foam roller, stretching band, gym ball, massage ball, etc.
Studio Plan Equipped with video editing and simple direct recording. Users can plan a creation here.
Community Room Space for club activities and community programs for citizens.
Dance Rehearsal Room 1 This room is of a 15mx15m square shape. Equipped with a table and chairs making it a versatile space for events and seminars.
Dance Rehearsal Room 2 Space for creation and rehearsal of dancers. Equipped with dance floor, etc.
Artist Room Provided for domestic and foreign artists. There are six locations in total, equipped with various facilities such as shared kitchen and laundry room.
Cafe Lounge for citizens and artists
  • Open hours
    – 10:00-18:00
    – Closed for New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, and Chuseok
    – Dance Rehearsal Rooms can be used until 22:00 with a prior approval.
    – Hostel facilities are accessible around the clock for Hostel users only.
  • Information on the use of shared equipment
    – Shared equipment and lounges are used free of charge, in principle, but consumables and repair due to careless uses are paid by the user.



  • 14, Myeongji 2 Gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

For more information, call

  • +82-2-304-9100