Seoul Art Space Jamsil


Creative arts center for disabled artists turning ‘disability’ into ‘individuality’

The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture established Korea’s first creative arts center for artists with disabilities in 2011, Seoul Art Space Jamsil. Focusing on visual arts, Seoul Art Space Jamsil has since selected and supported 65 artists with disabilities through its residency program. In addition to providing studio space for 12 artists with disabilities each year, the space offers: Open Studio, a support program for artists in residence, Good Morning Studio, an incubating program, and Project A, a creative arts support program for children with disabilities. The center serves to inspire the artists in residence and contribute to the enjoyment and proliferation of arts and culture.

Major business

Regular Residency Program

Each year, 12 promising artists with disabilities are selected through an application screening process. Applications are accepted between February and March and selected artists are provided an individual studio for one year. Each studio includes a work stand, chair, cabinet, and rollaway bed in addition to other facilities intended for the convenience of artists with disabilities.

  • Application Period: Every February to March (subject to change)
  • Application Method: Apply online through the SFAC website
  • Field: Visual Arts
  • Duration of Residence/ Number of Accepted Applicants: 1 year/ 12 Artists
  • Eligibility: Artists living in Korea with a registered disability

Good Morning Studio

Good Morning Studio is an incubation program that contributes to the growth of resident artists and increases artists’ networks through 1:1 matching with art professionals (planners, critics, curators, etc.). The product of the 6-month mentoring program are featured in a special exhibition.

2016 Good Morning Studio Special Exhibition <A Port of Call>
“A Port of Call” is a temporary half-way station on the way to the final destination. This show was operated by three mentors: Art expert, Kim In Seon, the President of Space Willing N Dealing; Curator Hwang Jeong In from Project Space Sarubia Café; and art critic, Ahn So Yeon. The exhibition was coordinated with the goal of inspiring the artistic spirit of the 12 artists in residence, and furthering their artistic careers.

Open Studio

Open Studio is a support program for artists in residence at Seoul Art Space Jamsil. Under this program, the artists’ workspaces are open to the public for two days, sharing the artists’ creations and experiences with the community. During Open Studio, the artists are provided the opportunity to promote their art.

Project A

Project A is a creative arts support program for children with disabilities. Project A seeks to nurture artistic talents of children with disabilities. Through this program five children with special needs are selected annually and matched with an individual mentor. This project is sponsored by Cho-A Pharm Co., Ltd and by talent donations from five mentor artists: Mary Kim, Art Nom, Im Ji Bin, La Omi, and Hong Won Pyo.



  • 10, Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

For more information, call

  • +82-2-423-6674