Seoul Art Space Sindang


Seoul Art Space_Sindang is a creative atelier dedicated to craft, remodeled into 40 units from 52 unoccupied business shops inside an underground shopping center in Sindang-dong, which was built in 1971.
It is one of the arts spaces in Seoul, developed using unused facilities in downtown area under the so-called Seoul Culturenomics strategy in 2009. Sitting in the underground shopping center at an old market, the space provides workshops for young craft and design artists to boost their activities.

Different from existing national and public residency programs mainly to support fine arts, the Seoul Art Space Sindang offers a residency program for craft artists. Each year selected artists can work at a dedicated workspace for a set period time.
As a cultural hub for the community, the space serves artists for stable creation of art works and gives the citizens opportunities to expose themselves to diverse cultural programs.


Classification Description
  • Hold a show of art works created by artists in residence in collaboration with arts museums and organizations at home and abroad.
  • Support for promotion and production of art works.
Marketing support
(Market expansion)
  • Jointly take part in craft arts fairs (support for booth fees and promotion)
  • Offer capacity building trainings for artists in residence (portfolio creation workshop, etc.) and artists exchange programs.
  • Support promotion platform (website) development of artists in residence.
Other projects
  • Develop and support the operation of arts education programs for citizens.

Info on Artist-in-Residence Program

  • Disciplines: crafts (ceramics, metal, textile, etc.) and others (design, planning, etc.)
  • Period: 1 year or below
  • Benefits: one independent art studio, access to shared space and equipment, participation in creation support programs(craft arts fair/exhibition, capacity building programs), and opportunities to take part in projects for citizens
  • Application: Invitation notices are posted at the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC) website each year in October.

Venue Information

  • List of facilities40 art studios, shared space (open workshop, photo studio, lounge, arts market, community room, etc.), and shared equipments (electric kiln, milling lathe, industrial sewing machine, etc.)



  • 87 Majang-ro Jung-gu, Seoul

For more information, call

  • +82-2-2232-8834

Contact us

  • sindang@sfac.or.kr