Seoul Art and Healing Hub



Organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government and operated by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC), the Seoul Art Space_Seongbuk opened on July 2010 in the newly renovated Seongbuk Public Health Center building. After successfully developing art healing content and programs, the Center was renamed Seoul Art and Healing Hub to highlight its focus on art healing.
The Hub supports artists from different genres and healing experts for R&D of art healing.
We strive to provide weary citizens with comfort and rehabilitation through art healing.
On five floors, the facility houses several artist studios, a gallery, a multi-purpose hall, a community art lab, and a craft room.
Inspired by the building’s former use as a public medical center, the Hub now operates various art healing programs in order to serve citizens and their community through art. In its new function it continues to serve citizens through art.
The Hub aims to discover and nurture the creative activities of art therapists and artists, with expertise in art healing.
We collaborate with various Organization to further develop and promote art healing programs.
By utilizing art that is close to citizens and sustainable to people’s lives, we strive to spread its social value and enrich the wellbeing of people.

Mission Statement

  • Foster the research, development and publication of art healing services;
  • Discover and nurture artists specializing in art healing;
  • Provide Advanced Residency for artists to participate, produce and publish;

Major business

Development/fostering of arts and healing contents

Residency Project

– Arts Health Center
It seeks healing including artistic experiences, offering highly professional interdisciplinary programs. Ultimate goals are natural healing and relaxation of body and mind through arts activities.
– Arts, Spirit, Healing
This interdisciplinary arts and healing program is intended for special categories of occupations and specific groups. The program takes place either at the Hub or by visiting with the aim of relaxing participants from stresses at work and in their lives and refreshing them emotionally.

Capacity Building Program for Artists in Residence

The Program focuses on finding and fostering professional art therapists by means of mentoring, cross-teaching workshops for groups of artists in residence, presentations of artists in residence, artist self-development programs, and artist-therapist case studies.

Spread of Arts and healing Contents

Collaborations with Outside Organization

– Green Tree, an arts and healing program for cancer patients
With a designated donation of global pharmaceutical company SANOFI-AVENTIS KOREA, we have developed and offered arts and healing programs for cancer patients in order to seek their psychological and mental relaxation and support holistic healing through arts.
– Arts and healing Research Project
Research to lay the foundation as a professional arts and healing organization by presenting pioneering cases to spread arts and healing concept to the public including initiating a discourse to develop arts and healing contents and establish a framework for arts and healing assessment.

Enjoyment of Citizens’ Culture and Arts

Support for Citizens’ Communities

– Sky Yard
A place-oriented community that supports citizens’ voluntary everyday culture and arts using vegetable garden as a medium.
– Sky Atelier
Woodwork DIY programs are offered, along with initiatives to lead citizens’ creative arts and boost regional solidarity and thereby establish an indigenous community system.
– Gallery Majeum (connection)
The gallery is exclusively for exhibitions of works by selected rising artists/groups with the aim of supporting creative arts. It is also used for the display of works of artists in residence/groups.
– Rental of citizens’ atelier and band room
Open for citizens’ creative arts and can be reserved via prior online rental booking system (with fees).



  • 17, Hoigiro 3 gil, Seongbukgu, Seoul(Former Seongbuk Public Health Center)
  • Facility: 1 Building (B1F-G4F, Rooftop)
  • Area: 787㎡
  • Gross area: 1,997㎡
  • Opening date: July 28, 2010
  • Objective: Healing of people and society through art

For more information, call

  • T. +82-2-943-9300
  • F. +82-2-6008-7348