Seoul Theater Center


Seoul Performing Center is a starting point before visiting Daehakro

Seoul Performing Center, which was remodeled from former Hyehwa community center in November 10, 2007, makes efforts to revitalize the Daehakro performance culture by introducing the culture to performance art lovers and supporting PR and marketing for artists’ creative activities.

Business Hours

Business Hours: Tue ~ Sat. 11:00~20:00 / Sunday & Holidays. 11:00~19:00 / Closed on Monday, January 1st, New Year’s Day, the day and the next day of Chuseok

The 1st floor

Information of performances held in Daehak-ro and guidance service about theaters are provided and information of performances can be checked through prepared leaflets and computers for searching. Visitors can freely read books and magazines which are related to theater, culture, and art and borrow books after joining the membership.

Gallery for promoting performances

Leaflets about performances held in Daehak-ro and other areas in Seoul, categorized from A to D zone, are prepared for visitors to easily find so that they can select a performance.

Ticket Booth

Tickets for the shows of the day are sold at a discounted price.
(Business owner of the ticket system: 대학로티켓.com)

  • Business Hours : Tue ~ Fri. 13:00~20:00 / Sat. 12:00~20:00 / Sunday & Holidays. 12:00~19:00
    (Closed on Monday)
  • Tel. : 02-742-3802

Currently, the ticket booth is temporarily inactive.

Computer for searching performance information

There are three computers for searching performance information via the homepage of Seoul Theater Center and online data and one computer exclusive for the disabled.

Reading and borrowing books

Visitors can freely read books and magazines which are related to theater, culture, and art and borrow books after joining the membership.
– Searching materials owned by the Data Center
  · Visitors can search materials such as books and magazines owned by the Data Center.
– Searching and printing out materials in the DB of the National Assembly Library
  · Visitors can read and print out theses and articles owned by the National Assembly Library in the Data Center of Seoul Theater Center without visiting the library.
– Lending service
  · Lending books related to theater and art (Three books per person for 14 days) A staff member in the Data Center issues a book card when a user visits the center with ID card and a photo after joining the membership of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.
※ Donated books and periodicals cannot be lent.

The 2st floor

Spaces are provided for theater related groups to run educational and learning programs, read scripts together, have workshops and meetings for planning, etc.

Academy Room (103.66㎡)

The room is used for PLAY-UP Academy, an educational program, etc., and lent on a paid basis for theater-related groups to run educational and learning programs and have showcases, production press conferences, forums, seminars, etc. Applying for lending the room can be done via the homepage of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

Seminar Room (31.5㎡)

The room is lent for free for theater-related groups to have meetings for planning , small-sized seminars (within 12 persons), etc. Applying for lending the room can be done via the homepage of Seoul Theater Center.

Major business

Information service

Wondering about information on performances? A good starting point is to visit Daehakro! Seoul Performing Center. Seoul Performing Center provides all kinds of information on performing arts through diverse media online/offline.

Daehakro Culture Map

The Daehakro Culture Map is a performance guide made and distributed by Seoul Performing Center for the convenience of Seoulites who visit Daehakro. The guide shows the locations of 150 or so theaters and introduces performances.

Webzine Playin

Webzine Playin, which is a play guide for the audience, offers a new perspective from which the audience can select a play. The magazine is issued online with a variety of content, such as 20-word comments by professionals, planned serials and issues and previews of the play sector twice a month, with an aim to become a navigator and communication window to bridge play sites, works, actors/actresses and the audience.

Portal Site for Information on Performances

The portal site provides information on ongoing plays, musicals and plays for children, as well as on all performances and theaters underway in Seoul. Users can make the best of the portal site to learn additional information on thing like Webzine Playin and to search for books furnished in the Information Materials Hall on 2F in Seoul Performing Center. They can also make a booking immediately after searching for a performance and print out a discount coupon. The portal site is full of substantial information such as a performance invitation event.

SNS(Social Network Service)

News about Daehakro is made public in a flash through Social Network Services. Seoul Performing Center’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, which are run by Yeolmu, give out Daehakro news and information on performances and culture.

APP for information on Daehakro performances

The app is provided for Smartphones, and shows information on performances and theaters. Detailed information on ongoing performances, theaters, events, locations and facilities is given. Information on ongoing events in Seoul Performing Center and on discount coupons can be checked out with the app. Users can print out discount coupons.

Program for The Audience

Seoul Performing Center runs various programs for the audience to help them better understand the performance arts.

Daehakro Play Tour

Daehakro Play Tour provides an opportunity to get close to plays through various encounters in Daehakro from watching a performance to juveniles’ job experience in performing arts.

The Audience Bridging Program

In 2012, various chances were given to plays and Seoulites to get closer including Actor’s Study and Narration Performance. In the latter half of 2013, new audience-bridging programs are expected to go underway.

Program to support plays

Seoul Performing Center runs direct/indirect support programs to develop Daehakro performances.

Actor PLAY-UP academy

Seoul Performing Center administers a PLAY-UP academy, which is a custom-made education program for active professional actors/actresses. The PLAY-UP academy, which made its debut in the latter half of 2012, has quenched actors’ thirsts for learning through processes like vocality/movement/physical activities for onstage acting. In addition, focusing on voluntary exchanges and communication with actors/actresses at home and abroad, the center carries out a program to directly/indirectly raise up personal capacities of participants in plays.

Daehakro Practice Room operation

Daehakro Practice Room is located in the center of Daehakro, the mecca of performing arts. It helps create performance art by fostering a creative environment and helps performance artists keep in touch.

※ Planned programs
   – Supporting promising art in the play sector (planned)
   – Supporting small theater repertories (planned)

The SFAC art products

The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture leads Seoul’s cultural business plans and publishes various publications: The Seoul Culture Series gives a fresh spotlight focusing on Seoul and the SFAC arts field manuals for workers employed in culture and art institutions. Along with various books planned by the SFAC, from art products made by resident artists in Seoul Art Spaces to artworks by the artists participating in civil cultural businesses, a variety of art products are waiting for Seoulites to enjoy.



  • 3 Daemyeong-gil (1 Myeongryun 4-ga), Jongno-gu, Seoul

For more information, call

  • +82-2-743-9333