Daehakro Practice Room


A site where creative pains and artistic spirits are conceived

Daehakro Practice Room, which is located on the center of Daehakro, is the mecca of performing arts, and supports to create performing arts by paving the way for a creative environment and helps performing artists stay connected.

Easy accessibility

Daehakro houses so many performance art groups that they have been made easily accessible.

Inexpensive rental fees

Standard rental fees range from 15,000KW (minimum) to 28,000KW (maximum).

Friendly and roomy spaces

Various spaces in different sizes (from 116㎡ to 182㎡) are prepared.

Convenient subsidiaries

Diverse convenient facilities such as seminar rooms, reading rooms and a shower room are prepared.


  • Address : 1F Hanseok Building, 117 Dongsung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • For more information, call : +82-2-747-7805