Namsan Creative Center


A space for stage performers to show their warm hearts and
passion through beads of sweat

Namsan Creative Center, in order to galvanize a creation condition for large-scale stage performing arts, has prepared big enough creative spaces to fulfil the creative needs of private culture and art groups. The center is a space to support stage artists through a variety of experimental stages and academies.

Practice room exclusive to large-scale stage performing arts

It is the largest practice room in Korea exclusive to large-scale stage performances like musicals and operas.

Spaces to help stage artists to create works

The center supports stage artist through experimental stages and academies.

Inexpensive rental fees

The standard rental fee is as inexpensive as 20,000KW (minimum) ~ 80,000KW (maximum) for 4 hours.

Comfortable environment in nature

On the outskirt of Mt. Namsan, the center provides a comfortable environment in nature.


  • Address : 82 Toegyero 26ga gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • For more information, call : +82-2-318-1741