Seoul Art Space Geumcheon


Centre for Visual Arts and Culture

The Seoul Art Space Geumcheon is a workspace exclusively for visual arts developed by renovating an old printing factory at Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu as part of the Seoul culture-nomics in October 2009. To support and activate creation of art works, the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon provides artists with studios open around the clock, and up to now, 234 artists (teams) from 33 countries across the globe have benefited from our residency programs. By offering a wide range of special exhibitions, arts education, and community programs, we serve the residents to meet their artistic needs.


Major Programs

Regular Residency Program

Until now we have supported 234 artists (teams) from 33 countries across the globe since 2009. We receive applications from artists at home and abroad once a year. Selected visual artists from home and around the globe can use the 24-hour-available studios and participate in various programs including expert support programs and special exhibitions to sharpen their skills.

Open Studio

Once a year, all of the studios at the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon are open to provide the opportunity to see artworks and workspaces of the artists in residence. During the Open Studio period, special exhibitions and various events on the sidelines are held to become a festival to attract attention and increase participation of the local community as well as of the arts and cultural fields.


With the aim of finding creative ideas, the DA VINCI CREATIVE picks novel ideas of artists, engineers, and designers to combine and experiment with arts and technologies in diverse disciplines. In order to embody ideas, we provide the entire process of producing artworks from financial assistance and technical guidance to follow-up support possibly needed for overseas marketing and sponsorship of industries. The showcase of works that are supported is held every two years along with DA VINCI CREATIVE, a festival of media performance, exhibition, EDM concerts, lectures, and workshops.

International Symposium

Since 2009, we have hosted an annual international symposium as a stage of in-depth analysis and debate among experts at home and abroad about selected timely topics of arts and culture. The symposium has played a role in shaping a meaningful discourse among artists by taking the lead in tackling key issues of the arts world.

Other Programs

Community Network

‘Community Network’, a program led by artists in residence and citizens to enhance the public good of the Space and expertise of artists, the Community Network consists of the community-linked Community Arts Program, Artist’s Room as a showcase of art careers and ateliers of the residency program artists, and YES(Young-Artist Education Series), an expert arts education program.

International Artists Exchange Program

Our International Artists Exchange Program is an 1:1 artists exchange program in partnership with other residencies based in major cities in the world (New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, Sharjah, Taipei, etc.). Every year we support qualified artists selected by a screening process for their acceptance into leading residencies in the world. The program seeks to Provide Artists with opportunities to experience diverse circumstance.


Seoul Art Space Geumcheon provides five rooms (including one twin room) for local and foreign artists in residence. The hostel is equipped with bed, closet, lamp, chair and free wifi to create a comfortable environment for the artists to stay and work at the studio.

  • 4 single rooms & 1 twin room (5 rooms in total)
  • free internet connection (cables needed), heating and air-conditioning system, bed, bedside table, closet, lamp, and chair.



  • 15-27, Beoman-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

For more information, call

  • +82-2-807-4800