Seoul Art Space Gwanak


Children’s Artground Enriching their Dreams and Future

Taking the unoccupied space out of which Euncheon-dong Resident Center moved, Seoul Art Space_Gwanak opened on Dec. 17, 2010, to create art infrastructure and satisfy the children’s cultural needs. the Playground serves as the mediator between children and artists, where children are encouraged to experience various arts through communication with artists and artists are reborn as art teachers. Thus, the Playground can be an art realization space that provides support for artists as well as art experience for children.

Major business

Playground with Art

Playground with Art is an artist support program that aims to boost the development of artistic play and aesthetic experience programs for children based on the creative activities of contemporary artists. At Playground with Art children can experience arts education focusing on the process rather than the outcome where they play an active role in creating artworks with artists.

Creation workshop

Designed to be filled with artworks of children, Creation workshop is an experience program aiming to provide increased access to artistic experiences in daily lives. It is composed of experience programs for free and regular creation workshop where participants can have opportunities to experience creative works of various disciplines of arts with artists.

Imaginative Theater with Art

Imaginative Theater with Art is a project to support the development of a small children‘s play theater with the slogan that “Every places where children are, they can be theaters”. It is a performance to visit daycare centers, kindergartens, schools to improve children’s accessibility to performing arts
the theater provides children with opportunities of taking part in person and experiencing active arts, as well as viewing at the auditorium. Employing observation, immersion, and imagination, children can develop a unique, creative way of thinking and sensibility to understand others.

Gwanak TA

We train arts teachers who will work at the Seoul Art Space Gwanak so as to help children enjoy various artistic experiences outside of school, not by practice-centered private education.

Gwanak Operating Committee With Mom

‘With Mom’ is a citizen committee composed of housewives who cooperate with the management of the Seoul Art Space_Gwanak. They are strong supporters of the Seoul Art Space Gwanak, serving as a goodwill ambassadors of the space as well as program monitors and instructors.



  • Euncheon-ro 10 Gil 3, Gwangak-gu, Seoul

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